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March 17, 2010
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Joe is Japanese - pg 160 by Inkthinker Joe is Japanese - pg 160 by Inkthinker
Recently got approval to share a few pages from the Joe is Japanese graphic novel that I've been drawing for Humoring the Fates (that's the 2D animation studio where I spend my days) this past year.

I liked this page a good bit, but I think I dropped the ball with the lyrics right at the end there, they obscure the action of Koga's cigarette flip. I'm not fretted about it so much, 'cause the final book is in color and I know the painter will color hold the text or something, and then the lines of the action will stand out more effectively, but I feel like I failed a bit if I couldn't figure out a way to do it so that it worked just as well in plain B&W.

Funny faces are fun. :D

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Drawn in Manga Studio EX v3 on the Cintiq 18SX. ©2010 Humoring the Fates. Each page is averaging a pretty steady 6-8 hours from layout to finish line.
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aaaaarrgh! I love this!
Inkthinker Dec 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Ha! Thank you!!

Anything in particular?
yes, particularly EVERYTHING! lines = sick. flow of panels = sick. lighting = super sick.
big, backlit action shot = super killer sick.
basakward Mar 18, 2010  Professional Filmographer
You guys and you're insane shading. Looks great, man! I wouldn't expect anything less.
awshumm! i'm looking forward to seeing more eps or a manga or whatever you guys are planning to do with this thing.
Dieman Mar 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such intense lighting!
EJ-Su Mar 17, 2010  Professional General Artist
They better let you keep the spot black, cuz it gives your artwork so much volume.
Inkthinker Mar 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
From what I've seen, the solid black is dropped down a bit and given more texture and gradient so that it looks smoother but still makes for a strong, concealing shadow.

It's not like this in most of the book, but here it serves as a narrative device. Kawakami's face is always hidden or in shadow, to emphasize his intimidating, wicked presence. Once we're out of this scene it's more neutral.

I'm slowly dropping in more solid blacks in my linework, though, as I get a feel for how it can be used to make volumetric effects as you say. Plus, it can make the work go faster when you use it to imply detail rather than draw it.

I love a good trick. :D
elsevilla Mar 17, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
hahah looks real cool how he bites the cigar
Awesome work man. I'm trying to learn Manga Studio myself. Great Program
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