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November 4, 2005
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Watchman's Armor by Inkthinker Watchman's Armor by Inkthinker
Or maybe Infantry armor... I kinda like the knee-length half-skirt of scale plate, a legion of these guys with tower shields walking in formation would be a fearsome threat on the field, assuming they don't all die of heatstroke. >_<

Yeah, I do assume that in whatever fantasy world I work in, metallurgy has progressed to the point that cheap, strong and incredibly light metals are easily forged. The problem there is that you really ought to think about how that affects the rest of the world, things like industry and mining and construction of buildings and tools... it can get out of hand pretty easily.

Or you can just ignore it all and have fun. :D

These are from my thumbnail book, so they're actually about 3 inches tall or wide, depending on the page orientation. I really like the warm color that the Moleskine pages scan with... it's really not that sort of tan color when it's in your hands, more of an eggshell white. But I'm not complaining at all...
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BilboobliB Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Love this design :)
Protex-blue Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005   Interface Designer
the roman infantry shield is a little misleading. despite bieng shit at art id have gone with one of those medivial style curved triangle effort doo-hickies. also i think the chin strap style twinned with the scale mail round his front leg makes me think he may be a little oriental. but like i said, i dont know shit all. i think the helmets style is really cool. along with the arms. good stuff.
Inkthinker Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I like to yank ideas from all over the place and put 'em together in new ways... so yeah, a little ancient Rome, a dash of feudal Asia, a heavy dose of medieval Europe, and then bake it all with a complete lack of consideration for weight and metallurgical consistencies, and see what comes out.

Doesn't always work, mind you, but often enough people like the results.

Protex-blue Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005   Interface Designer
i like that idea. thats why i prefer to draw things that arent particualarlly real. no-one can tell me its wrong.
Inkthinker Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Mmmmm... that's not always true. There are still some things that can apply to anything that's meant to be "realistic", such as pieces that need to fit together in ways that allow for easy movement and logical assembly. I could easily draw armor that's complete unrealistic, but I don't think people would like it as much (I know that I wouldn't)... I prefer something that's realistic, but unlikely (if that makes sense).
Protex-blue Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2005   Interface Designer
yup course it does. i really liked the red pencil idea.
Inkthinker Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I'm totally enslaved to the almighty Ticonderoga Red Checking Pencil. I used to use blue, but I'd sometimes get faint grey lines when I went to strip it out. And I still sometimes sketch with a 4H or something, but red is so much more convenient... I can draw as cleanly and firmly as I like, and still make it vanish in the computer.
Protex-blue Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2005   Interface Designer
well i figured the computer had something to do with it as well but i didnt know the ins and outs there because when it comes to photoshop i use it to manipulate photos and do my design work, everything i colour on its a bit crap. i meant as well as overdrawing goes, if i get a sketch going the lines get darker and darker as i work into which stops me putting ink down on top because you can never see through the 2b. then i end up using a light box. but if i used the different coloured pencils, as you your goodself did, i could put the ink down on the same peice of paper. multiple copies of anything wind me up. also im getting a script at the minuite, and being rubbish at drawing and alright at photo manipulation i wondered what your views were on photo alterd comics? given your obviously in this field.
Exocentric Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2005
Now this is cool stuff. Conceptual like. That's some really cool arm. I really like those gauntlets with the elbow protector part connected like that. Very neat design. Cool breastplate design. I dunno man, this is really cool stuff.
And like you said about the color of the moleskin paper, I agree, looks great. Very classical and stuff. I really like that slightly yellowed look.
Oh and by the way, nice watermark! =D :+fav:
Inkthinker Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! I enjoy doing this kinda conceptual stuff a lot, but sadly it doesn't pay much... or at all... :D

So... *shrug* ...I do it for me. :D
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